Welcome to our Euro Brass blog

We are so excited to welcome you to our Euro Brass blog. In our blogs, we are going to be discussing all things industry-related, not just ironmongery, which will however be a very important aspect of our blogs.

We are going to be exploring topics such as:

  • Wonderfully designed products
  • Trends for interior and exterior spaces
  • Ironmongery innovations
  • Tips and tricks for DIY
  • Care and maintenance of your ironmongery
  • Updates on Euro Brass: Our Team, Products, Services, Sales, and Promotions

To kick off our blogs, we are going to dive straight into the elephant in the room (Door No.2020), which is the Covid-19 pandemic that we are currently facing.

We have all had to make simple and drastic changes in our lives and find a new way of adapting to the way we live.

One change we have had to make is the way we clean the things around us. Ironmongery is an item that is often forgotten about, but one that is touched and exposed to germs daily. The silver lining for cleaning and maintaining your ironmongery is that you will breathe new life into its appearance and provide it with many more years of functionality.

Cleaning & Caring for Brass:

Brass is a highly durable material and can withstand exposure to weather. If cared for and maintained properly it can last hundreds of years.

Click through to our Care and maintenance page on our website to read up on how to clean and maintain your brass door handles and ironmongery.

We hope you all enjoy the blogs that we will be sharing with you and that if you do, feel free to share them. Please also reach out to us if you have a topic that you would like to contribute to or would like us to cover.

Yours in Ironmongery,

The Euro Brass Team


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