2022 New Year: Meet our team

Happy New Year!

Euro Brass wishes you a successful 2022, loaded with open doors and opportunities…

Our Team is Our Family

Each of our team members plays a vital role in the growth and development of Euro Brass and our clients that partner with us.Here is a little introduction to some of our amazing staff you have met along the way…

Intro to Jonathan Van Der Walt

Executive Director and ShareholderDedicated, Fun loving Husband and Father; Steers the ship at Euro Brass; Strategic; Driven by results; Athletic by nature Team player by choice.

Intro to Felicia Peters

Euro Brass Sales ConsultantNewly-blissfully-wed; Team player at Euro Bras; Customer-centric; Approachable; Confident; Bubbly; Empathetic; Member of the extra mile club; A win for one is a win for all; Cupcake foodie, Fridge Tart newbie; If you can be anything, be kind.

Intro to Muji (Mujaahid) Lillah

Euro Brass Sales ConsultantUpbeat Husband and Father; The energy at Euro Bras; Customer orientated; Reliable; Loyal; Each customer is valued equally; All-rounder; Time & Patience = Growth & Development; Ebullient; Always good for a laugh; Conversationalist; Social; Athletic; Sports-loving. Spookies! Everyday…

Intro to Ewan Adams

Euro Brass Sales ConsultantProtective big brother; The cultural asset at Euro Brass; Level-headed; People person; Customer service; Individual /Team-player hybrid; Thought-provoking; Do what you love; Adaptable; Analytical; Transparent; Honest; Say it how it is; The right side of the bed, every day; Fitness is freedom; Social or Solitude; Happiness is in your hands; Work hard and results will follow; Failure does not signify the end.

Intro to Jeftha Barends:

Euro Brass Operations Manager

Proud husband and dad; Realistic; Flexible; Planning = Optimal output; The meticulous eye at Euro Brass; Collaborator; Team empowerment; Client-Centric; Perfection requires constant tweaking; Fair is not soft; Question everything; The short story may omit critical information; Modest; Cycling is a way of life, family is life; Interactive Teenage TV Games; Netflix and chill; Beach time & Braais. Home is where the heart is.

Intro to Ramona Hicklin:

Euro Brass Accounts Manager

Doting grandmother, mother, and wife; The Mama Bear at Euro Brass; Gracious; Industry experienced; Keeper of meaningful information; Focused; Meticulous; Analytical; Critical thinker; Problem solver; People person; Go-getter; Nature-loving; Kindness is always trending; Keep calm & carry on; Alfresco dining + great company = bliss; Family is a gift that lasts forever…

Intro to Wesley Gomez:

Euro Brass Warehouse Manager

Father, Husband, FAMILY; Leader; Tech-savvy; Salt of the earth at Euro Brass; Precision is hitting the bulls-eye every time; Forward-thinker; Organised; Calm under pressure; Stock protection obsession; Process enthusiast; Productivity is prime; High-level of trust & belief in teamwork; BIG heart; Exuberant; All-rounder on and off the field; Sports for the soul; Keep it simple.