Caring for and maintaining your brass ironmongery is necessary for the preservation of its appearance and lifespan.


  • All ironmongery products should be washed with mild soap, water, and a soft cloth every week to guarantee its cleanliness and maintain its appearance. Ensure to rinse it thoroughly. NOTE Daily washing will not corrode or damage your brass or stainless-steel articles.
  • Ironmongery in high-traffic areas, such as commercial buildings and main entrances, should be checked, tightened, and lubricated regularly to ensure it is fully operational and to avoid future mishaps.
  • External ironmongery should be checked more regularly due to its exposure to the elements, especially in coastal areas where there are high levels of humidity and salt in the air.


Lacquered Brass (Chrome and Satin nickel finishes):

  • Regular washing with warm soapy water should be sufficient to keep any finish in its original condition for a long time.
  • All lacquered brass articles require regular cleaning with a non-abrasive wax polish to ensure their longevity, especially for external fittings that face numerous environmental conditions. NOTE: After some time, the lacquer coating, especially on external fittings, can suffer a possible breakdown. The life of the lacquer is, therefore, beyond the manufacturer’s control and cannot be guaranteed.When the lacquer coating has broken down, remove all trace elements of the lacquer and clean the article regularly by using a metal polish. Alternatively, a fresh coat of lacquer can be applied, however, we strongly recommend that you should leave the article unlacquered, especially if it is for external use.

Unlacquered Brass:

  • Regular polishing with a good quality metal polish is essential to maintain its original finish. NOTE: If the intention is to allow the surface to age through oxidation then no attention needs to be given to the article.